The Best Online Tools To Help Know Everything About Web Sites

Date 7/4/2013
How do I contact the owner of a website? How popular is my site on Digg or Delicious? What other websites are hosted on my web server ? Is my competitor using WordPress or Drupal? is loading fast, what is the name of their web hosting company ? Is my blog accessible from China or Japan ?

If you got questions like these in your mind, here are some of the most useful online tools to help you know each and every detail of any website on the planet.  help you know whether your website or blog is accessible from different cities of the world. Unlike other online ping services that run from one location, runs the ping command on your website from 26 different locations spread across the globe so you have a better idea about your site availability in different regions.
They even have a checkpoint in Shanghai so you can easily find out if some particular website is blocked in China or not. Is Digg running on Apache or Windows Servers ? What advertising programs is Arrington using to monetize TechCrunch ? Is Google using Urchin for web analytics ? Is CNN using Akamai ?

For answers to all these questions, refer to BuiltWith – a website profiling service that tells you about all the technologies used in creating a website.

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