How to Record any sound on your computer

Date 9/4/2013
I always thought that it should be theoretically possible to record any sound that you are hearing on your computer. Sometimes solutions for selected programs exist but I was looking for a free program that could record any sound no matter the source it was coming from. This can be for example quite useful if you want to record conversations in Skype or Teamspeak or record a sound that you heard on a website on the internet. Yes, even streaming radio poses no problem but you should note that the following free tool is not capable of recognizing the beginning and end of songs. It just records for as long as you want.

The freeware that I'm speaking of is called MP3 My MP3 Recorder. After installing the application you specify the source from where you want to record the audio from. You may select from the following sources: Phone Line, Microphone, Line In, CD Player, AUX, SPDIF, Stereo Mix and Mono Mix. Stereo Mix for instance should be a great selection for most purposes. Once that is done you should fine tune the recording level for best results.

To do so take a look at the bar on the right side of the program window which should not peak into the red area at all times.  Once that is done click on settings to specify the bit rate for the sound that will be recorded (between 32 and 320). You may also set a time limit for the recording but the default is to record until you stop the recording.

If everything is set the way you want it to be you click on the (red) recording button to start the process. The buttons to stop and play the already recorded songs will become active once that process has started.

I think this is a great tool if you want to record audio fast and easy. The quality is pretty nice as well.