Available Fax Services For MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2010

Date 14/4/2013
In the past decade or so, alternate communication channels like email and IMs have gained immense popularity but the good old fax machines, that transmit scanned paper documents (aka facsimile) through the traditional phone lines, are still an ubiquitous part of every business.

Thanks to internet-based fax services, it is now possible for business owners to send and receive faxes without investing in a fax instrument. Not only are these web faxing services significantly cheaper (even free) than the traditional phone line route, they also help you realise your dream of a paperless office.

Web faxing services are not only significantly cheaper than the traditional phone lines, they also help you move closer to a paperless office.

There are different ways of sending faxes over the internet — some services offer a web-based interface where you can type in the text message in a web form (similar to writing a mail in Yahoo!). Or you can send the fax as an email message to a special address given by the internet fax company. (I say special because the email address itself contains the number of the destination fax machine)

If your fax message contains formatting and images, you may upload that as a Word or PDF document to the web server of the fax service, specify the fax number and it will automatically print on the destination fax machine.

Find out some Available Fax services for MS Office 2007  and MS Office 2010

1.Concord Business Fax SuiteConcord Internet Fax for Microsoft Office directly plugs into your Microsoft Office programs, like Outlook, enabling you to send and receive faxes worldwide. Concord provides leading reliability and redundancy features enabling businesses to be compliant with any disaster recovery requirements. Received faxes are securely transmitted to your Outlook inbox whenever you are online. Sign up for your own personal local or toll free fax numbers or contact Concord for a solution for your entire company. Concord provides free online and telephone support for this service.

2.eXtreme Fax -Provides you with a complete and affordable Internet Fax service for your business. Included with your eXtreme Fax plan is free fax software for signing, managing, and editing faxes electronically, and eXtreme Fax works with all Microsoft Office applications. Brought to you by RingCentral - a leader in communications technology since 1993 - eXtreme Fax makes sending and receiving faxes easy, secure, affordable, and convenient.

3.InterFAXEnables Microsoft Office users to send faxes directly from Microsoft Office System applications with no installation of fax modems, fax software, or phone lines. InterFAX lets users send and receive faxes from any workstation on the office network, directly from Office applications. With no learning curve, InterFAX is easy to install and use.

4. MyFax- is an online fax service that lets you send faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint; and receive faxes directly to your Inbox. MyFax saves you the cost of a fax machine, a dedicated fax line, paper, toner, maintenance and long-distance charges. Choose a toll-free fax number at no extra cost and your customers also avoid long distance charges. For only $10 monthly you get 100 outgoing fax pages and 200 incoming pages per month. Try MyFax now free for one month.

5.RapidFAX- Lets you send and receive faxes from anywhere using Microsoft® Outlook® or an easy to use online interface. RapidFAX will convert almost any attached document into a fax or you can use our plug-in and fax directly from Microsoft Office. RapidFAX saves you time and money since you won’t need a fax machine, toner or paper. Local and Toll-Free numbers are available at no extra charge. Click now to get the RapidFAX No Worry offer including up to 300 pages for only $9.95 a month.
6.RingCentral- Has an award-winning fax service that lets you electronically sign, send and receive faxes, as well create cover pages with your logo. One phone number is all you need for your main number, fax, and voicemail. With an easy Web-based portal, you can forward your calls to multiple numbers during select times of the day/days of the week. No additional hardware required. 

7.Venali -Integrates directly into your Microsoft Office applications, letting you send faxes over the Internet, without separate fax machines, fax servers, phone lines, or maintenance. Send and receive fax documents to or from any fax number worldwide directly from your desktop, laptop, or wireless device as easily as you send and receive e-mail. Includes your own fax number and Venali’s patented Junk Fax Filter



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