How to Remove "Powered By Blogger" From Blogger

Date 25/12/2012
Whenever you start out a new blog on free blogger platform you get many features and services for free + a small attribution link in the footer of every blog saying Powered by Blogger, well that good and I think it should not be removed as it gives credit to blogger for gaining more traffic to their website and engaging in creating more blogs. But still if you need to remove that attribution gadget than below is the easy CSS hack that you can use and remove it without deleting any coding.

1.  Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML.

2.  Now click on proceed and press "Ctrl + F" and search for ]]></b:skin> tag and paste below code right above it.


3.  That’s it now just save your template and refresh your blog.

Now using this you are not removing any additional coding from your template so any time you wanna get that back just remove this above code and your attribution gadget will be back. With this your gadget is removed entirely from your layout and blog :)